1) Can I wear spikes?
The course is off road but does cross tarmac and hard standing tracks and one section does go along a tarmac / hardcore path for 100m or so.

2) Is the first and last run course the same?

3) Where is the drink station?
The drink station will be clearly marked INSIDE the Transition area and available for competitors to use throughout the race. It will have Water and CNP pre-mixed energy drink but the drink station should be viewed as a top-up to your own supplies.

1) What type of bike do I need?

A mountain bike with either 26″, 27.5″ (650) or 29″ wheels is fine. You’ll have a more comfortable ride if it has either front or full suspension but isn’t essential by any means. You can use a cyclo-cross bike too if you prefer.

2) I normally only ride on the road, how technical is the course?
The mountain bike course is based on the permanent Blue graded mountain bike trail at Ashton Court and accessible to ride by all abilities throughout the year. For the VDO RunRider, we add additional sections but still within the same Blue grade. The course is 100% rideable by riders with average skill / fitness, there are no jumps or drop-off’s, however the faster you go, the more technical is becomes!

3) What extra kit besides the bike do I need?
- Helmets are compulsory, no need for full face ones through, it’s not that extreme!
- Clipless pedals will make your pedaling more efficient, but flat or toe clips are fine too.
- Gloves are down to personal preference
- Cycling shorts are a good idea to protect your vital bits!
- A basic repair kit to include a pump, spare tube, tyre levers, chain tool and allen keys are strongly recommended so you can fix a puncture or do basic repairs during the race should mechanical problems arise. You’re out racing for 1-2.5hr in total so five mins spent doing a bike repair isn’t going to mean the end of your overall race and losing loads of places.

4) Do I need to lock my bike in the Transition area whilst I’m out running?
The Transition area will be fenced off with 2m high security fencing and have restricted access to competitors only – person’s placing and removing bikes MUST have the same race number attached to both the bike and themselves to gain entry / exit to this area. It will be marshaled from 9.30am until the end of the race too, however we can’t take responsibility for any loss or theft of bikes or kit from this area and bikes are left at the competitors own risk.

1) I’m taking part in a pair, how does that work?

If you’re competing in the pair’s category, it works like a relay, one of you does the first run whilst the other waits for you in the Transition zone, then you swap over and the other does the mountain biking section whilst the other waits / recovers in the Transition zone, but then handing over to do the last run – only one of you is on the course at any one time.

2) I’m taking part in a pair, where do I change over?
You change over in the Transition area, in the same place as where the solo’s change between running and mountain biking.

3) Where is a good place for my non-competing partner / friends / family to watch?
We’ll have print outs of the course map and suggested spectator friendly viewing points available here nearer the time and from the registration desk on the day.

4) Where can I park?
Car parking is free and right next to the start / finish / transition area. Please note if it’s wet on the day or has been very wet in the week leading up to the event and parking on the grass will result in vehicles getting stuck then we request all competitors park on the hardcore track leading up to the event village. Please allow extra time if this happens – you will be up to a 10-15min walk from the start / finish area.

5) Is there an age limit for competitors?
All competitors taking part in the Mini VDO RunRider must be over 14yrs old and have a parent or guardian counter sign for them when they enter. All competitors taking place in the Standard or Classic VDO RunRider must be over 18yrs old.

6) What are the start times?
Classic VDO RunRider: 10am
Standard VDO RunRider: 10.05am
Mini VDO RunRider: 10.10am

There will be a competitors briefing for ALL race distances at 9.45am at the start/finish area – please make sure you are here for this as we will communicate any last minute essential race information at this briefing.

Can’t find an answer to your query?
Please email us at or call us on 07885 047891 if it’s super urgent!